TVCS Mini-SAREX Dec 14 2002

Fort Collins - Loveland Airport

TVCS and Boulder squadrons participated in an unfunded mini-SAREX at FNL.  4 aircraft and 2 ground teams attended.  The majority of the exercise aircraft practiced photo missions for Homeland Security training.  One aircraft and the two ground teams practiced DF, ground to air coordination, and a surprise medical scenario when the ground teams reached the beacon site.

A general debrief and photo critique was planned at the end.  All the photos were to be loaded on a laptop computer and shown via projector, to compare and critique.  Also provided at mission base were 2 state of the art printers which take the memory flash cards directly and print the results on 4x6 paper in full photo quality.  Thanks to Joel Larner and HP for providing the equipment!  Multiple technical issues occurred with camera memory cards unable to be read by the printers, or cameras having formats we could not read at mission base.  Details in the After Action Report.

The Boulder aircraft had to depart early but the rest of us enjoyed the critique and technical discussion on the merits of various types of cameras, and the incredible software capacities Joel demo'd.  Details in the After Action Report.

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger picture (~200k 800x600).  The full-size photos (some up to 2.5Meg) are available here.

Misc Pictures of Mission Base

IM000580.JPG (24668 bytes) Joel shows Mike the printers while John helps Ed sign in im000603.jpg (497608 bytes) Mike debriefs Ken and the 49H crew
IM000581.JPG (51832 bytes) Just before general briefing im000604.jpg (559238 bytes) Printers and cameras brought and demo'd by Joel.  Nice toys!
IM000582.JPG (52830 bytes) and the rest of the crew im000605.jpg (616952 bytes) The Venables inspect the nice glossy 4x6 photos printed out.
IM000583.JPG (77762 bytes) SAR Mouse rides on the yoke of N182H, picture has way too much glare and too close in im000606.jpg (543029 bytes) Ground Teams debrief.  Man those orange shirts are bright!
im000607.jpg (512715 bytes) Joel comments on the photos during General Debrief

The Ground Teams on their Medical Scenario after finding the beacon

HPIM0631.JPG (226915 bytes) The ground team triages the victims.  Notice the jet aircraft crashed in the bushes.  Thanks to TonyF for providing the aircraft and victims!
HPIM0632.JPG (173626 bytes) The perimeter is guarded while the victims receive medical attention.
HPIM0633.JPG (217463 bytes) Close-up of the crashed USAF jet that had 3 on board.  The subject in black was dead.

N9849H crew Ken Anderson, JennyN, and Mike Wermuth DF the beacon and lead in the ground teams.  They also got photos of Jack Rabbit airstrip.

wpe16.jpg (47904 bytes) Practice beacon area.  Photo taken from the south at 1000' AGL. wpeE.jpg (22384 bytes) Jack Rabbit airstrip.  Photo taken from the south at 1000' AGL
wpe18.jpg (54268 bytes) taken from the west wpe10.jpg (21588 bytes) from the north
wpe1A.jpg (45552 bytes) from the east wpe12.jpg (19101 bytes) from the east.  Low sun angle. Note reflection of CAP patch. 
wpe1D.jpg (40202 bytes) from the north wpe14.jpg (27356 bytes) from the west
wpe1F.jpg (46314 bytes) Ground Team, vehicle #1
wpeC.jpg (43464 bytes) Ground Team, vehicle #2

N9513G crew Joel Larner, Dick Hamilton, Shane Brown and Ed Carr photo the dams on Horsetooth Reservoir (one pass, no loitering!), the Cement Plant NW of Fort Collins, Christman field, and a private airstrip by Crystal Lakes.  Photos taken with a ?? HP camera with 8x optical zoom (wow!)  Photo Resolution:  

HPIM0019.JPG (186436 bytes) Looking west, the south-most dam on Horsetooth HPIM0023.JPG (149277 bytes) Christman Field, CSU's private strip
HPIM0020.JPG (158173 bytes) next HPIM0024.JPG (123890 bytes) looking west
HPIM0021.JPG (143684 bytes) and the next dam HPIM0025.JPG (163915 bytes) looking north
HPIM0022.JPG (193030 bytes) north most dam, looking south HPIM0026.JPG (172693 bytes) looking east
HPIM0027.JPG (189268 bytes) Cement Plant NW of Fort Collins HPIM0032.JPG (146726 bytes) dirt strip by Crystal Lakes / Red Feather
HPIM0028.JPG (193906 bytes) Nice details HPIM0033.JPG (285330 bytes)
HPIM0029.JPG (178512 bytes) HPIM0034.JPG (155074 bytes)
HPIM0030.JPG (185188 bytes) further back, notice the detailed ones have no sky showing. HPIM0035.JPG (201873 bytes)

N4976N crew Marvin Straus, Sol Engel, and David Straus photo Bellmore airport (N of FNL), Burnham airport (by Owl Canyon), the town of Carr (note proximity of railroad tracks), and Rawhide Powerplant.

<pictures coming soon>



N182H crew Sue Wolber and Steve Venable photo 2 private airstrips, an antenna, and 2 oil fields.   Pictures taken with an HP 216 with a 3x digital zoom.  Photos taken from 1000' AGL.  Note in some cases, 3x optical zoom is not enough.

IM000584.JPG (76985 bytes) Cass Airport, dirt strip IM000591.JPG (98511 bytes) Antenna a few miles E of Briggsdale IM000595.JPG (49465 bytes) Shawo dirt strip, NE of Briggsdale
IM000585.JPG (59711 bytes) Just SW of the town of Briggsdale IM000590.JPG (105308 bytes) Looking west IM000594.JPG (35727 bytes) difficult to see
IM000586.JPG (56313 bytes) looking south IM000589.JPG (100858 bytes) Looking south IM000593.JPG (33947 bytes)
IM000587.JPG (57194 bytes) looking west IM000588.JPG (95001 bytes) Looking east IM000592.JPG (50656 bytes)
IM000602.JPG (108578 bytes) Pictures of 2 oil fields, NE of Briggsdale IM000600.JPG (114765 bytes) IM000598.JPG (111446 bytes) IM000596.JPG (92976 bytes)
IM000601.JPG (91317 bytes) These are both close together, N of Shawo IM000599.JPG (104674 bytes) IM000597.JPG (78572 bytes)

Software Capabilities

More details are in the After Action Report... but compare the following:

IM000588_orig.JPG (575440 bytes)       Here's the Original picture, straight from the camera.  Notice the predominance of beige. IM000588.JPG (95001 bytes) Here's the color-smoothed one, with a simple program Joel ran.  Notice the contrast.
HPIM0019_orig.JPG (1849815 bytes) Here's an even more stunning one of Horsetooth Dam:  the original HPIM0019.JPG (186436 bytes) And the Color-Smoothed one.  Notice the removal of the glare and all the details that can now be seen!


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